We mastered their violations.

Read feedback from customers who are saving time and money with our services.

Now I’m worry-free!

Violation Master took care of our tickets quickly and easily. It was such a relief to just hand that responsibility off and have it handled reliably and professionally. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to avoid the headache of fighting a ticket in New York City.

Nancy K, Queens

VM saved me thousands

I was looking at thousands of dollars in legal fees and towing charges to get my trucks out of impound. Violation Master really saved the day. They negotiated with the courts, fought my tickets, and got my trucks back at a fraction of what it would have cost me to do it myself.

Marcus A., Manhattan

Their automation is just awesome…

I used to have to hound my drivers to send in their parking tickets. It was eating up hours and hours of my week. In the end, I gave up and called Violation Master. They deal with everything now, and I’m back to focusing on my real work. I only wish I had called them sooner

Phillip L, Staten Island

90% dismissed, 100% relieved!

We were stuck. The city had hit us with a dozen or so tickets, and honestly, they just slipped through the cracks. Before I knew it, we were looking at over $54,000; two of our trucks had even been impounded. We needed to stop the bleeding. I called Violation Master. They got our trucks out of impound and got 90% of our tickets dismissed. They saved us over $40,000 in 2015 alone. We can’t recommend them enough!

Jen R., The Bronx

I’m hooked on this service…

There is nothing more annoying than parking tickets. They drive me insane, and I hate dealing with the city to get them taken care of. A friend told me about Violation Master, so we gave them a shot. They got our first ticket overturned and they’re fighting another ticket for us. The best part? I don’t have to do a thing!

Dick I., Brooklyn

Suddenly we became winners.

We used to try and fight our own tickets for the longest time. Our win rate was abysmal… Since we shifted the whole headache onto Violation Master, we’ve been on a winning streak! This is a no-brainer. Thanks guys!

Natasha N., New York